How to integrate SourceAnywhere with Visual Basic 6.0?

SourceAnywhere (Standalone) can be integrated into Visual Basic 6.0 to source control the VB forms, modules, class modules, etc.

To integrate SourceSafe with VB 6.0, we can do as follows:
1.Go to the installation folder of the SourceAnywhere GUI Client

In case of any permission issue, we suggest that you right click on the SCCProviderManager.exe and choose "Run as Admin.." to make the setting.
2.Run the SCCProviderManager.exe and choose Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere as the current SCC provider.

3.Open your form project in Visual Basic 6.0. Then go to menu Tools -> SourceAnywhere Standalone -> Add Project to SourceAnywhere Standalone to add the current project to the SourceAnywhere database.


4.You will be asked to enter your account information to connect to the SourceAnywhere Server.4

5.Once connected, please select a repository:


6.Choose a location to store the VB project


7. Select the files we want to add into SourceAnywhere for source control and click OK.


8.Now, all of the files are under source control of SourceAnywhere. You can find the SourceSafe functions through menu Tools-> SourceAnywhere Standalone.


You can also access some of the functions by right-clicking the file in the Project Explorer.


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