Dynamsoft Camera SDK Installation Problem Solution For Chrome 58


Even after Dynamsoft Service has installed properly and works on earlier versions of Chrome, it doesn't work anymore on Chrome 58+ and keeps prompting you to download and install the Service again on a secure page (SSL).

The recommended solution is to upgrade to v5.2.1+ of the SDK. If you are not the developer of the application, please contact the application support team for the latest version.

If you don't wish to upgrade, then below are the temporary solutions:

Solution 1
As the issue is caused by the certificate update introduced in Chrome 58, you can use a HTTP site.

Solution 2
1. Open '' (for version 5.1 or 5.0, open '') in Chrome and you'll see the following

Chrome 58 exception

2. Click 'Proceed to (unsafe)'. Then you might see either one of the followings.

Remains on the same page (before v5.2)
"Configuration Information of Dynamsoft Service" (v5.2)

3. Go back to your page and it should start working again.

Reference: [ Why is the browser prompting me to install Dynamsoft Camera Service repeatedly?]

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