How to test if your scanner supports ICA scanning on Mac OS X?

In Dynamic Web TWAIN, there is a property named ImageCaptureDriverType which only works for Mac Edition. When the value of this property is set to 1 or 3, it will use an ICA driver for scanning images from scanners. In order to know whether your scanners have ICA drivers or not, you can use the built-in application Preview to have a test.

Follow the steps below to scan images with Preview:

Step One: Open This can be done from the dock if it is placed there, otherwise the application can also be found in the applications folder.

Step Two: With Preview open navigate to File > Import from Scanner > Name of the connected scanner (in this case an Epson Perfection 2400 Photo in GAC Lab B)

Step Three: With the scan import windows up select "Show Details" this will give more control and options to an import.

After this point you will have to wait for the scanner to warm up, and produce a preview scan of the flatbed area. After that is complete it will be possible to crop and specify the scan.

Step Four: Select the desired area of the preview scan. This is possible with the gray dots on each corner. The scan can also be rotated by mousing over the center of the selected area, and spinning the person icon.

Step Five: Adjust the scan properties to the desired settings.

Color can be changed under the "Kind:" field.

Resolution can be adjusted under the dpi box. (A common setting for pictures is 300 dpi, however for higher quality print products 600 dpi would be a better option.)

Name can be changed simply in the "Name:" field.

Step Six: Chose a save destination. The file can be saved most anywhere, and will be in the JPEG format.

After choosing a save destination the scanner will import, and a progress bar will be displayed over the scan preview. When the scan is done Preview will display the finished image.

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