How to locate the Plugin/Services on client machines

If you would like to manually remove or inspect the client side installations made by Dynamic Web TWAIN you may follow  the following guides for various browsers.
Internet Explorer 10/11, Edge, Chrome 27+, Firefox 27+
On Client machine look at Control panel-> Programs and features ->look for "Dynamic Web TWAIN HTML5 Edition" or Dynamic Web TWAIN HTML5 Edition Trial"

Internet Explorer 6-9 (and 10/11 if ActiveX is forced or emulation mode is used)
in IE > manage add-ons > show all add-ons -> Look for "Dynamic Web TWAIN Class" or "Dynamic Web TWAIN Trial Class"

Firefox < 27

Go to add-0ns -> plugins ->Look for "Dynamic Web TWAIN Plugin" or "Dynamic Web TWAIN Plugin Trial"

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