How to distribute desktop applications developed with Dynamsoft Barcode Reader?

This article demonstrates how to upgrade or deploy the latest version of
Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK.
Since version 4, Dynamsoft merged trial and full
into one package. To use full version of Dynamsoft Barcode Reaser SDK, you
only need a full version license key. It can be purchased from


To upgrade Dynamsoft Barcode Reader to the latest version, please follow the steps:

  1. Update the DLL

    If you already have the latest version installed, please ignore this step.

    Please replace the DLL with the new one from [INSTALLATION FOLDER]/Redist/;

  2. Enter License

    The license should be either from the email after purchase,
    or from [WINDOWS EDITION INSTALLATION FOLDER]/LicenseManager.exe or [MAC EDITION INSTALLATION FOLDER]/BarcodeReaderTrialLic.txt;

    License the SDK through source code. If you have more than one licenses, please separate them via ';'.




    CBarcodeReader reader;


    Dim oBarcodeReader As New BarcodeReader
    oBarcodeReader.InitLicense "88FFAA0******;9C42D5D******"


    BarcodeReader reader = new BarcodeReader();
    reader.LicenseKeys = "88FFAA0******;9C42D5D******";

  3. Rebuild your application

    Please rebuild your application.

NOTE: If you are using C/C++ DLLs, please do not forget to update the .H files from [INSTALL FOLDER]Include of the latest version.


To learn how to distribute your applications developed with Dynamsoft Barcode Reader, please refer to:

Windows Edition:

Mac Edition:

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