How to enable NPAPI in Chrome v42 and above

As stated in the Chromium Blog, Google are continuing their plan to retire NPAPI in Chrome.

As mentioned in quite a few of our previous newsletters, Dynamic Web TWAIN v9.2 and earlier versions which are based on NPAPI will be affected by this.

An early upgrade to the latest version (now at 10.2) is recommended. However, for the customers who still need time for the upgrade, you can temporarily use the following mentioned work-around to enable NPAPI.

  1. In Chrome, type in ‘chrome://flags’
  2. Search for ‘NPAPI’ and find the following:
  3. Click ‘Enable’ to enable it.

After restarting your Chrome, you’ll be able to use the plug-in again until Google completely removes NPAPI support in September of 2015.

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