[Troubleshooting] Scanner reported an error. An error occurred during scanning.


Sometimes when you are using your scanner, you will get a message "Scanner reported an error. An error occurred during scanning."

There might be some compatibility issue between your scanner and your current scanning application used.


You can have a quick validation with your scanner on the following free scanning page:


This page is built with Dynamic Web TWAIN. It supports Internet Explorer 6 or above (32 bit/64 bit), any version of Chrome (32 bit/64 bit), any version of Firefox on Windows; and Safari, 32-bit Chrome and Firefox on Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

If you don't find the same scanning issue on this page, most probably your current scanning application is out of date and needs an upgrade. Please contact your scanning software provider for an upgrade.

Instead, if you have an interest on our scanning solution, please contact Dynamsoft support team for further assistance.

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