What issues the end users may encounter when they visit your scan application?

For basic ideas about what issues your end users may encounter when they start to use the document scanning feature in your web application:

  1. You enable the web scanning features in your application by using our APIs. The code of your scan page should be well written. Our suggestion is to start your development by referring to one of our existing sample application. See this Sample Gallery page >>
  2. Put your web pages and Dynamsoft browser components (for IE, Firefox and Chrome users) on your server side. Please make sure that you are able to access anyone of the components from a client machine.
  3. When end users visit your scan page for the first time, they will be automatically asked to download and install the scan component. More than 98% IE users and almost 100% Chrome/Firefox users can easily finish the installation and start using the feature without any specific changes on browser settings.See how easy it is here.
  4. Because IE browser has many security settings, users in a strictly controlled environment may not be able to install and run the scan plugin successfully. In this case, they need to ask their administrators to allow them to install the plugin or they may need to change the IE security settings to allow our plugin to run (see the first step in the above link).
  5. As long as they can successfully install and run our scan plugin, 95% end-user issues are solved. The second main issue is the driver of the scanner. As you may know, our product supports all the TWAIN compatible scanners well. And actually, 99% scanners in the market have at least TWAIN driver available and have TWAIN driver as a default installation option.There may be a few users who didn't install a TWAIN driver for their scanners. Generally, they can simply search "scanner model twain driver download" (e.g. EPSON GT-S85 Twain driver download) in Google and find the correct driver to install.
  6. Still have problems? You can ask your end user to contact our support team (via email (support[at]dynamsoft.com) or Online Chat) for help.
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