How to integrate SCM Anywhere Hosted with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010/2013?

To integrate Dynamsoft SCM Anywhere Hosted with Visual Studio, please follow the steps below.

  1. Install the GUI Client first. The installers can be downloaded from
    The integration will be setup automatically.

    If you are using Visual Studio 2010 or older, please jump to step #3 directly.

  2. Download the latest SCMSVsPackageRegister.exe if you are using Visual Studio 2013.
    Please replace the existing one in the in the GUI Client installation directory with the new EXE file.
    Download SCMSVsPackageRegister.exe for VS2013>>

    Run this file and restart your Visual Studio 2013.

  3. Open Visual Studio, go to TOOLS -> Options -> Source Control -> Plug-in Selection,
    and select Dynamsoft SCM Anywhere Hosted VSPackage.

At this point, SCM Anywhere Hosted is successfully set up in Visual Studio. You can carry on with steps below to learn how to add a solution to source control in Visual Studio.

  1. Create a project.

  2. Right click the solution and select Add Solution to Source Control.

  3. Login and select a parent folder from the Add to dialog box. Click OK to finish this operation.

    Please don't forget to Allow these files to be replaced by their server versions if being asked.

Now the solution is under source control of VSPackage. If you want to open a project from source control, please do it through:
Visual Studio -> FILE -> Source Control -> Open from Source Control.

How to switch a project using the MSSCCI plug-in to VSPackage or vice versa>>

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