Dynamic Web TWAIN: fail to load an image which can be loaded on another PC

Sometimes you might fail to load an image in Dynamic Web TWAIN which can be loaded without a problem on another computer. Typically it's a PDF or TIFF file that fails on Windows XP.

The cause of the issue is that the GDI+ library (gdiplus.dll) on this computer is of an old version which doesn't support the decoding of the files you are trying to load. Normally such files can't be opened by Windows (Windows Picture & Fax Viewer) either.

*Dynamic Web TWAIN calls the GDI+ library to decode the files since version 7.0. For more info, you can click here.

To resolve the issue, you can:

1. Copy the files to a computer (Windows 7 or above recommended) which has a newer version of the GDI+ library
2. Load the images into Dynamic Web TWAIN
3. Save the images from Dynamic Web TWAIN into the same format, this will re-encode the images
4. The saved images can then be loaded in Dynamic Web TWAIN on both computers


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