Steps on how to use Dynamic Web TWAIN on Alpha 5

Steps on how to use Dynamic Web TWAIN ActiveX on Alpha 5:
    you can download the sample code in the Attachments at the bottom of the page

  1. Install Dynamic Web TWAIN. If you don’t have Dynamic Web TWAIN yet, you can download a 30 day free trial here.
  2. Create an empty page:
  3. Switch to Source, choose the position where you’d like Dynamic Web TWAIN to be inserted:
  4. Insert Dynamic Web TWAIN as an ActiveX:
  5. Assign the ID of the component. For example "DynamicWebTWAIN":

    For trial version, the below window will come up a few times, please close all of them:

  6. You will see the below object inserted in the code:
  7. There are many params which are used for initializing the component, if you like, you can delete all of them. Also the auto-generated code might have mismatched quotation marks (as you can see above), please make sure to correct them:

  8. Insert a new object for the License Manager before the above object:
  9. NOTE: A lpk file which contains license info is necessary for deploying the application on your server.

  10. Execute the page and you should be able to see the component on the page:
  11. NOTE: ActiveX only works in IE, for other non-IE based browsers, you need to use the HTML5 Edition.

  12. Now you can use Dynamic Web TWAIN like a normal element in the code, let’s add 2 buttons
  13. And the related JavaScript:

  14. Try the modified page
  15. Image scanned:

You can see the component is very small. To make it larger, you can change its width/height.

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