Module Development on DotNetNuke (DNN) platform with Team Foundation Server (TFS)

In this article, we will be disccussing how to do module development on DNN with Dynamsoft TFS Hosting service.

Below please find the recommended steps:

1. Setting up your Module Development Environment
Note: it is recommended that each developer should have their own install/database and use the WAP (web application project) model for doing Module Development.

2. Creating a DNN Module Project in Visual Studio

3. Integrate TFS with Visual Studio. Please select the version of Visual Studio you are using, and follow the intructions.
Visual Studio 2005
Visual Studio 2008
Visual Studio 2010

4. Create a Dynamsoft TFS Hosted account:

You can refer to the video (#1) below to manage user licenses and permissions in web portal:

5. Open your web application project in Visual Studio and add it to your TFS hosted account. You can refer to video #2:

6. How other local/remote team members retrieve the project from TFS Hosted? You can refer to video #3:

By integrating Visual Studio with TFS, each of our developers can easily check in/out source files, add new module and retrieve the latest version from the server.

Please feel free to contact us (tfshosting @ with any questions.

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