How to use Team Foundation Build?

To use Team Foundation Build, you need to purchase Auto Build Server for your TFS account. The price for Auto Build Server is 50 USD/Month. (Click here for more information)

Once you have purchased the Auto Build Server, Dynamsoft Support Team will send you the information below:

The drop folder is required when you create a build definition.

The FTP site is for you to download the completed builds. You should use the FTP client which support FTPS to connect to this FTP site.
So the connection information will be:

  • Connection Type: FTP using Explicit SSL (Auth SSL)
  • Address: (Provide by
    Dynamsoft Support. For Managed TFS account, this should be the same as the TFS
    server address.)
  • Port: 21
  • UserName: (Same as your TFS user
  • Password: (Same as your TFS user password)

You can refer to the tutorial below for the detailed steps to create a build definition:
Walkthrough: Creating a Build Definition in Team Foundation Build

For more information, please refer to this article from Microsoft:
Team Foundation Build Overview

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