How to use the tf Command-Line utility?

You can execute the tf commands from your workstation against our server but please note that you will need to use the /collection option in most instances.

For example, if you were going to run the undo command, you would issue:

tf undo /collection: /workspace:WORKSPACE;USER $/PATH

There are several other commands available that you can use. For a reference, use the MSDN link below that corresponds with your version of Visual Studio:

Visual Studio 2010:
Visual Studio 2008:
Visual Studio 2005:

If you experience any access-related errors, the only workaround may be to store your TFS 2010 credentials in Windows. For steps on storing your credentials, please view the article below for detailed information:
How to save my sign-in credentials when connecting to the server through Visual Studio?

For any questions regarding Team Project Collection/Team Project level administration, you can post in TFS support forum for peer support.

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