Getting started with Team Foundation Server Hosting

1. Register for a Team Foundation Server Hosting account here.

2. Once the registration is completed, you will receive an email which contains the login credentials. Now you can use this information to log into the user portal.

3. Create users for your TFS hosting account. Please go to Manage Users and click Create User button to create the users.

4. Add user to global group.

5. Now you can configure Visual Studio (2005 and later version) to connect to the Team Foundation Server Hosting service. Please check the Installation and Configuration guide for Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010  for the detailed steps.

6. Now let's try to add a project to Team Foundation Server. The first thing is to check if the Team Explorer window is visible in Visual Studio. If not, please go to menu -> View and click on Team Explorer.

7. We need to create a team project on the server. Please right click on the server name in Team Explorer window, and then choose New Team Project to create a team project.

As an example, we created a team project called MyTestProject.

8. Open the local copy of the project in Visual Studio and switch to the Solution Explorer window. (As an example, I will load the WindowsFormsApplication3 project from D:/Temp/ folder).

9. Right click on the WindowsFormsApplication3 solution in Solution Explorer window and choose Add Solution to Source Control.
NOTE: Please make sure "Visual Studio Team Foundation Server" is chose as current SCC provider at menu Tools -> Options -> Source Control.

10. Now you will be able to see a yellow plus symbol beside the file icon in the Solution Explorer window. This means the files are now under source control.

11. However, the files are still not checked in. You need to perform a 'Check In' action to check all the files to the server. You can right click on the solution name and choose 'Check In'.

Or you can open the Pending Changes window and click the 'Check In' button.

12. You can see the icon changed, that means check in completed.

Now your code is in good hands and enjoy.

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