How to catch detailed information by using LogLevel Property?

Since version 3.0 of Dynamic .NET TWAIN, we added a new property called "LogLevel" to catch detailed information when necessary. The property returns or sets the log level for debug purpose.

Data type: Short

Syntax: ObjectName. LogLevel

0 - The default value for LogLevel.
1 - More output information will be provided for debug

Step-by-Step Usage Guide:

1. Add LogLevel property to your codes before calling any Dynamic .NET TWAIN properties and methods, such as:

public Form_Name(){
    dynamicDotNetTwain1.LogLevel = 1; // please change dynamicDotNetTwain1 according to your setting

2. Download DebugView here, and unzip locally.
3. Run Dbgview.exe.
4. Then please reproduce the issue you are experiencing with Dynamic .NET TWAIN. The DebugView will record detailed information during the process, as shown below.

5.Please click on Save to save the log fileand send it to support[at]
We will then check the files and give you a proper solution.

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