Why the login dialog still pops up when I upload image in Firefox with Windows authentication

Dynamic Web TWAIN Plug-in edition supports Windows Authentication since version 6.2. We can upload an image from Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and etc to the web server which has the Windows Authentication enabled.

But if you use Firefox, you will find it a little bit different from the other browsers. A frequently asked question is: Why does the login dialog still pop up when I upload an image in Firefox with Windows authentication?

Firefox use a different way to handle the windows authentication, it has its own APIs to handle the Windows log in. When you first visit your website, the popup dialog for login is actually from Firefox, not from Windows. Please refer to the screenshot below.

But when you call HTTPUpload* method, DWT will call the Windows network API to send the request. Thus, the popup dialog here is from the system which cannot be hide or auto-login. Please refer to the screenshot below.

You can enter the login credentials to upload the image, and then the system popup dialog won't be showing again in the same session.

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