How to use TWACKER to check if my device is TWAIN Compliant?

Although most of the scanners in the market are TWAIN compliant, scanner model, such as ScanSnap, doesn’t support TWAIN.

To find out, we can use the tool called TWACKER developed by the TWAIN Working Group for testing data sources like scanners, cameras, etc.

Pleae NOTE that TWACKER works only Windows, for Mac-only devices, please contact the scanner vendor for more info.

TWACKER can be downloaded here:

TWACKER 32 bit
TWACKER 64 bit

To use the tool:

1. First open the installed program:

2. Select your device:

If your device is not listed, please check if the driver is installed. Or, you can try running Twacker as “Admin” since you may not have permission to access the data source.

3. Choose the settings and try scanning:

4. If the scanning is successful without any errors, then your device should be TWAIN compliant. You can also try other commands and see how it works.

If your scanner doesn’t work with TWACKER, please check your scanner model online and install a TWAIN driver. Our scanning SDK Dynamic Web TWAIN support TWAIN based scanners.

If you need any help, please contact us at support @

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