Step by Step Walk-Through on how to install Dynamic Web TWAIN on the client machines with online demo.

Note: This article is for version 9.x or older:

  1. Check the security settings of IE on the client machine and verify the following security settings of IE to "Prompt" or "Enabled":
    1) Download signed ActiveX controls
    2) Run ActiveX Controls and plug-ins
    3) Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting

    The dialog box of the security setting can be launched from menu Tools>Internet Options. Then select the security tab.

  2. Go to the page containing Dynamic Web TWAIN ActiveX and you will get prompted to install the ActiveX:
  3. Click on the prompted message (see above) to Install install Dynamic Web TWAIN on this computer. Two options are provided:
    1) Install. It allows you to install the control to your personal folder. If you don't have the Admin rights, you can choose this option.
    2) Install for all users. With this option, the control will be downloaded to C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files, which requires higher permission compared to the Install option.

    For more information on how to install the ActiveX without Admin Rights, please refer to
    this article.

  4. Dynamic Web TWAIN ActiveX will be downloaded automatically. Then you can install it. Please NOTE that the new prompt about "Microsoft License Manager DLL".Click How to install "Microsoft Licensed Class Manager 1.0" on my computer if you cannot install the add-on.
  5. Installation finished!
  6. Now the scanner sources are shown in "Select Source" combo box:
  7. Try Scanning, success!!

  1. Go to the page containing Dynamic WebTWAIN Plug-in. Here we use JavaScript to determine whether the plug-in is installed or not. If not, we will show the below message:
  2. Click "Download and install the Plug-in Here" to download the Plug-in (DynamicWebTWAINPlugInTrial.exe):
  3. Click "Run" to install the Plug-in on the computer:?Please NOTE that the Plug-in is installed to "C:\WINDOWS\system32\dynamsoft\dynamicwebtwain". This installed file enables Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera to use Dynamic Web TWAIN.
  4. The installation is the same for Chrome, Opera and Safari. Restart Chrome/Opera/Safari to use Dynamic Web TWAIN:

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