How to install Dynamic Web TWAIN ActiveX without Admin Rights

Ever since Dynamic Web TWAIN 6.2, we have added support for installing Dynamic Web TWAIN ActiveX on the client machine without admin rights. Here is the steps:

1. Go to the page containing Dynamic Web TWAIN ActiveX, And you will get prompted to install the ActiveX:

2. Note that there are 2 options for installing the control. The first one "Install" will install the ActiveX to your personal folder
"C:\\Users\\{your name}\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\Internet Explorer\\Downloaded Program Files" and a regular user can perform this operation.
The 2nd option "Install for all users" will install the ActiveX to the system folder
"C:\\Windows\\Downloaded Program Files" and only an admin user can perform this operation:

3. A regular user can use his copy of Dynamic Web TWAIN from his personal folder. While all users can use the copy the admin installed in the system folder.

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