How to use the issue tracking web client?

There are two user types in SCM Anywhere: SCM and Issue Tracking. "SCM" users can use all the functions, including version

control, bug tracking and build automation, via Windows & Java GUI Clients/SDK/Command Line as well as Web Client, while "Issue

Tracking" users can only use the bug tracking feature via Web Client.

So, a user of either SCM or Issue Tracking type can access issue tracking web client to submit, view or edit issues.

To add a user for the web client, please follow the steps below:

1. Add user licenses

1.1 Make sure you have enough user licenses available. You can log into the hosted web portal to view the number of maximum

active users.

In the left panel, go to SCM Anywhere Hosted | Manage Number of Users or Space Size.

1.2 To increase/decrease the number of monthly or yearly users, click the "manage" link.

hosted portal

1.3 Choose the user type, input the number, and click Submit.

user type

2. Add user names

In SCM Anywhere Hosted Windows Client, go to menu Admin | Admin Explorer. In the left panel, choose "Users", and you can

add/delete/edit user names here.

user type

3. Log in to issue tracking web client

Go to the web client and use the username/password specified in Step 2 for login.

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