Dynamic Web TWAIN: How to load images not created by the SDK?

Normally Dynamic Web TWAIN can load images in the formats BMP, JPEG, PNG, image-based PDF, text-based PDF (needs PDF Rasterizer addon) and TIFF with no problem.
But sometimes you may come across an image not created by Dynamic Web TWAIN which can't be loaded in the control. To solve this, you can:

1. Convert the image using the Image Tool provided by Dynamsoft Support. Kindly find the download link here.
*This tool uses Microsoft .NET Framework Image API, not all images can be converted.

2. Convert the image using Microsoft .Net Framwork Image API in your own code, save it as bytes, BMP, JPEG, etc. and then load it using methods
LoadImageFromBytes or LoadImage.

3. Send a sample image to support@dynamsoft.com. We will test and get back to you with our suggestion in one business day.

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