Error: The instruction at “0x9320068” referenced memory at “0x09320068”. The memory could not be “written”.


When you access the page containing Dynamic Web TWAIN control with IE, you might encounter this error message:


The DEP of Windows or a malicious add-on of IE.


Please try the following steps:

Disable DEP for Internet Explorer. To do this, please go to IE ->
Internet Options and uncheck Enable memory protection to help mitigate online attacks under Security.

2. If the first step doesn't solve the issue, please go to My Computer -> Properties ->
Advanced -> Settings ->
Performance -> Data Execution Prevention and select the item labeled "Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only".

3. If the above doesn't solve the issue, please disable all add-ons of IE and then enable them one by one to find which add-on is responsible for the error.

If you can't solve the issue after all the steps above, please feel free to contact us at support @

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