Dynamic Web TWAIN: How to reduce the size of a scanned image

To reduce the size of scanned images, you can try the following things:

  1. Scan images in Grey or B&W pixeltype by setting the PixelType property.
  2. Use a lower resolution. You can use the Resolution property before scanning. For existing images, you can also use the method SetDPI to lower its DPI.
  3. Choose a proper compression type for TIFF/PDF. The properties are TIFFCompressionType and PDFCompressionType
  4. If you want to save or upload the image as a JPEG file or a JPEG-encoded TIFF/PDF, you can decrease the value of the property JPEGQuality.


    DWObject.TIFFCompressionType = EnumDWT_TIFFCompressionType.TIFF_JPEG;
    DWObject.JPEGQuality = 60;  // default value is 80
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