Error message: The server returned an invalid or unrecognized response


When you upload a image in Dynamic Web TWAIN's buffer with SSL, you may get the following error message returned by the ErrorString property:


1. The code is not written correctly.
2. SSL is not configured properly.
3. Some packets on the network were corrupt.


Please follow the steps to solve the problem:

1. Check the code is written correctly. To upload an image using SSL, please make sure the following two properties are used correctly.

  • Set the value of IfSSL to true. For more information about the IfSSL property, please click here
  • Set the SSL port in your code by using the HTTPPort property (The default SSL port is 443). For more information about the HTTPPort property, please click here.

2. Please make sure the security configuration on the server is correct.

3. Check whether the packets on the network are corrupt. You can often use a network monitor to find the location of such problems.

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