Dynamic Web TWAIN: Why is the actual image resolution different from the value of Resolution property?


You scan an image and save it. However, when checking the resolution of the saved image, its value does not match the value of Resolution property you set in your code.


The resolution value for scanning was not set successfully.


You can follow the steps below to troubleshoot:

  1. As a quick testing, please try to reproduce the issue at this online demo.If you are not able to reproduce the issue, it means your code is not correct. You can refer to the source code of the online demo for troubleshooting.
  2. If the same issue exists with Dynamsoft's online demo, please check the option "Show UI" to enable the default pre-scanning interface dialog. In the dialog, please double check if the value of resolution is available in the scanner interface. If not, it means your scanner does NOT support the value you set. Please try a different value instead.
  3. Please also note that Dynamic Web TWAIN product fully supports TWAIN compatible devices only. If following step#1 and #2 doesn't resolve the issue, please double check if you have installed a TWAIN driver for your device.You can refer to this article to verify if your device is TWAIN compatible.
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