Error message: Object doesn’t support this property or method

This article applies to Dynamic Web TWAIN ActiveX Edition.


When you access a web page containing Dynamsoft ActiveX control, you may receive the following JavaScript error:


1. The ActiveX control is NOT successfully downloaded and installed on the client side.
2. The specified property or method does not exist.
3. The code in the line is somewhere incorrect.

First, please make sure that the ActiveX control is deployed on web server correctly. If there isn't a red "X" displayed on the control, it indicates that the ActiveX is successfully deployed.

- How to deploy Dynamic Web TWAIN ActiveX

Check the code in the specified line to see if it is related with the ActiveX control. If yes, please check the following items:

1. Please make sure the specified property or method is supported by the ActiveX.

- Dynamic Web TWAIN properties and methods list

2. Check the line where you called the property or method to see if it is written correctly. If you are not sure, you can send your code to our support team at We will check it for you.

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