Dynamic Web TWAIN: How many pages could the software scan at most once

From version 10.1 onwards, you can set the properties IfAllowLocalCache and BufferMemoryLimit so that you can scan thousands of images at a time. Images over the set memory limit will be cached temporarily.

The cache data will be stored at [AppData]/dynamsoft/cache and be encrypted. When the scan application is closed, cache data will be removed from disk automatically.

Code Snippet

function AcquireImage() {
    DWObject.IfAllowLocalCache = true;  //The default value of IfAllowLocalCache is false. When the property is set to true, you can scan as many images as you want as long as you have a big enough disk.
    DWObject.BufferMemoryLimit = 800;   //This property is only valid when IfAllowLocalCache is set to true.



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