Error message: The server name or address could not be resolved

Symptoms: When you upload a image in Dynamic Web TWAIN's buffer using the HTTP Post method, you may receive the following error message returned by the ErrorString property: Cause: 1. The address of the server is not available when using the HTTP Post method.
2. You are using a invalid proxy server or the value of the ProxyServer property is invalid.
3. The web server is protected from the password. Resolutions: 1. Please make sure that the address of the server is available. To check this, you can ping the address from a client machine. Note: Both the machine name and the IP address of the server can be used for the HTTP Post method.

2. Please check if the code is written correctly.

For example:

    Var strHostIP =  "";
    ObjectName.HTTPUploadThroughPost(strHostIP, 0, strActionPage, "test.jpg");

Note: The domain name in the code should be, not

3. Please use the ProxyServer property if you are using a proxy server.

4. Enable anonymous access on your web server. Currently, Dynamic Web TWAIN only supports anonymous access.

5. Set the user name and password by using the HTTPUserName property and and HTTPPassword property. Click on the properties directly to get more information.


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