How to install Dynamic Web TWAIN ActiveX for web application end users? – deprecated

After you deployed the ActiveX properly on your web server, the IE browser will prompt users to install the ActiveX Edition of Web TWAIN. Please follow the steps below to finish the installation:

    1. Check the security settings of IE on the client machine and verify the following security settings are set to “Prompt” or “Enabled”:

1) Download signed ActiveX controls
2) Run ActiveX Controls and plug-ins
3) Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting

The dialog box of the security setting can be launched from menu Tools > Internet Options. Then select the security tab.

NOTE: Normally, you don’t have to check the above settings since the default setting of IE works well already. But if the control cannot be installed, you can then check the above options to troubleshoot.

    1. When accessing the web page on a client machine, you will be asked to install the ActiveX control. Click to install the control.

    1. Click the Install button.

From now on, you can run the ActiveX control on the client machine.


  1. You may not be able to download the ActiveX control onto the client machine and a red “X” is found on the scan page. Please click here to find solutions.
  2. If you find that you need to install the ActiveX control every time you access the web page, although you installed the control for the first time you visited the web page and the web page worked fine after you installed the control, please click here to find solutions.
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