Should I use Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK or Dynamic .NET TWAIN SDK?

This article is to help you understand the difference between the two Dynamsoft's SDK products - Dynamic Web TWAIN and Dynamic .NET TWAIN.

Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK

    It is a browser-based document scanning SDK specifically designed for web applications. By integrating its JavaScript APIs into your web application, your end-users will be able to scan documents from a physical scanner directly within a web browser (Chrome/Firefox/Internet Explorer/Safari/Edge). See this online demo >>

    The SDK also works seamlessly with our Barcode Reader SDK (JavaScript) and Dynamsoft Camera SDK (JavaScript) if you need to support image capturing from cameras and 1D/2D barcode decoding from images in your business workflow.

    If you also need to extract text info from images, it is recommended to deploy our OCR Pro SDK onto your server machine to work with the client-side Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK. Demo can be found at this page.


    It is a .NET document imaging SDK for Winform or WPF desktop applications. You can use its APIs in C# or VB.NET to build a robust document scanning and webcam image capturing module in your desktop app. Check sample applications >>

    The SDK installer also contains SDK modules to support image capturing from cameras, 1D/2D barcode decoding/generating and text extracting (via OCR).

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