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IntelliSense is designed to make the development of your application much easier. It is a powerful feature that helps you write code faster and with fewer errors by providing information while you code.

NOTE: this feature is available from version 10.1.

Dynamic Web TWAIN IntelliSense supports Visual Studio 2010 and later.
Firstly, you need to make sure dynamsoft.webtwain.intellisense.js is in your web project. If not, please add it to your project manually. Typically, it is under C:\Program Files (x86)\Dynamsoft\Dynamic Web TWAIN {Version Number} {Trial}\Resources.


Next, drag dynamsoft.webtwain.intellisense.js from the solution explorer into the editor window of the JavaScript file where you want to use the intellisense. This will create the reference directive in the current JavaScript file which will look like this

/// <reference path="dynamsoft.webtwain.intellisense.js" />

Alternatively, you can add the above line manually to reference Dynamsoft.webtwain.intellisense.js and enable the IntelliSense.



  1. The reference directive must be declared earlier than any script in the JavaScript file, in other words, you should put it at the very top.
  2. The path (path = "dynamsoft.webtwain.intellisense.js") is relative to the current JavaScript file.
  3. IntelliSense only supports pure JavaScript files (with the extension .js).
  4. This will only provide IntelliSense for the current JavaScript file.
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