Error List


Error Code Error String
0 Successful.
-1001 General failure.
-1002 Not enough memory to perform operation.
-1003 Source Manager unable to find the specified Source.
-1004 Source is connected to maximum supported number of
-1005 Source or Source Manager reported an error to the user and handled the
-1006 Capability not supported by Source or operation is not supported on capability, or capability had dependencies on other capabilities and cannot be operated upon at this
-1009 Unrecognized operation triplet.
-1010 Data parameter out of supported range.
-1011 Operation out of expected sequence.
-1012 Unknown destination in DSM_Entry.
-1013 Capability not supported by source.
-1014 Operation not supported by capability.
-1015 Capability has dependency on other capability and cannot be operated upon at this
-1016 File System operation is denied (file is protected).
-1017 Operation failed because file already exists.
-1018 File not found.
-1019 Operation failed because directory is not empty.
-1020 The feeder is jammed.
-1021 The feeder detected multiple pages.
-1022 Error writing file.
-1023 The device went offline prior to or during this operation.
-1030 Can not open Source Manager. TWain_32.dll is missing or is in use by another
-1031 Sequence error. The operation can not be performed upon the current Source Manager or Source
-1032 User cancelled the operation.
-1033 Invalid index.
-1034 Invalid value.
-1035 There is no image.
-1036 Error reading file
-1070 BMP file or format error
-1071 JPEG file or format error.
-1073 Only 24-bit true color and 8-bit gray-scaled images are supported for JPEG
-1080 General TIFF error.
-1081 TIFF format error or not supported.
-1090 BMP format error or not supported.
-1100 PNG format error or not supported.
-1110 Unrecognized file extension.
-1200 PDF format error or not supported.
-2000 Can not initiate the internet session.
-2001 HTTP request error.
-2002 HTTP server error.
-2003 HTTP process error.
-2004 FTP download file is too large.
-2007 The system is busy, some operations are not completed. Please try later.
-2207 The JavaScript code on this website is outdated and no longer works with the scanning service (Dynamsoft WebTWAIN Service) installed on your computer.
-2209 The HTML5 (Chrome&Firefox) edition does not support this method or property.
-2303 Upload cancelled.
<= -3000 See ErrorString property for details.

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