Different Editions

Dynamic Web TWAIN supports all major browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux with different editions: ActiveX, Plugin, HTML5 for Windows, HTML5 for Mac and HTML5 for Linux. Based on the browser(s) your end users use, you can decide which edition(s) to use.

  • ActiveX: supports IE 6 ~ 9 on Windows by default. If necessary, it can be configured to support IE 10, 11 as well;
  • HTML5 for Windows: supports Firefox/Chrome 27+, IE 10/11 and Edge on Windows;
  • Plug-in Edition: this is a deprecated edition and is no longer maintained by Dynamsoft. It supports old browsers like Firefox/Chrome 26-, Safari 6- and Opera on Windows and Mac;
  • HTML5 for Mac: supports Chrome/Firefox 27+, Safari 7+ on Mac (OS 10.6+);
  • HTML5 for Linux: supports Chrome/Firefox 27+ on Linux (Ubuntu 10~15, Debian 8 and Fedora 19~24)
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