Downloads and installs the PDF add-on (it's typically a zipped dll file) on the local system.


.Addon.PDF.Download(remoteFile, [optionalAsyncSuccessFunc, optionalAsyncFailureFunc]);


<string> remoteFile: specifies the url path of the add-on. E.g. "".

The following two parameters are optional. If either one exists or both exist, the method is asynchronous, otherwise it's synchronous.

<OnSuccess function> optional optionalAsyncSuccessFunc: callback function triggered when the file is downloaded successfully.
<OnFailure function> optional optionalAsyncFailureFunc: callback function triggered when the file failed to be downloaded.

Please refer to the function prototype OnSuccess or OnFailure.

Return value

Only valid when used synchronously.


true indicates success. false indicates failure.


The server version number info is defined in the addon JS file. As long as the defined version number is not the same as the local addon dll, the download method will auto get the dll from server deployed to local.


    "",  // specify the url of the add-on resource
    function () { console.log('Successfully Downloaded PDF add-on');}, // successful callback
    function (errorCode, errorString) {alert(errorString); }  // failure callback and show error message
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