Returns the index of the current image selected by Dynamic Web TWAIN or sets the image with the specified index as the current image.

Data type



.CurrentImageIndexInBuffer = 0;


The index is 0 based.

By changing CurrentImageIndexInBuffer, you can enumerate all the images in buffer.

When CurrentImageIndexInBuffer changes, the control will be redrawn to reflect the change.

When image buffer is full, that is HowManyImagesInBuffer = MaxImagesInBuffer, the new acquired or opened image will replace the existing one, positioned by CurrentImageIndexInBuffer.
For example, if

  1. MaxImagesInBuffer is set to 4
  2. HowManyImagesInBuffer returns 4
  3. CurrentImageIndexInBuffer is 3

Then when a new image is acquired, the CurrentImageIndexInBuffer is set back to 0, and the 1st image is replaced by the newly acquired one . If another image is acquired again, the CurrentImageIndexInBuffer is set to 1 and the 2nd image is replaced by the new acquired one.

When an error occurs, check ErrorCode or ErrorString for error information.

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