Change the DPI (dots per inch) of an image specifiedby index.


.SetDPI(sImageIndex, xResolution, yResolution, bResampleImage, newInterpolationMethod);


<short> sImageIndex: specifies the index of the image to be converted. The index is 0-based.
<int> xResolution: specifies horizontal resolution
<int> yResolution: specifies vertical resolution.
bool bResampleImage: specifies whether to resample the image. (The image size will change if this is set to true).
EnumDWT_InterpolationMethod newInterpolationMethod: specifies the algorithm to do interpolation.

Allowed Values Interpolation Method
1 EnumDWT_InterpolationMethod.IM_NEARESTNEIGHBOUR
2 EnumDWT_InterpolationMethod.IM_BILINEAR
3 EnumDWT_InterpolationMethod.IM_BICUBIC

Return value


true indicates success. false indicates failure.

When false is returned, check ErrorCode or ErrorString for error information.

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