Returns or sets whether to use a TWAIN driver or the Native Scan of macOS for document scanning.

Data type



.ImageCaptureDriverType = ...;


This property only works on macOS. Allowed values are 0, 3 and 4 {TWAIN: 0, ICA: 3, TWAIN_AND_ICA: 4}.

When the property is set to 0, it uses the installed TWAIN driver of the device for document scanning on macOS.

When set to 3, users can directly acquire images from a scanner via native scan which uses a built-in ICA driver (usually without installing a driver). Apple maintains a list of supported scanners.

When set to 4, users can directly acquire images from both TWAIN compatible scanners via their TWAIN drivers and ICA compatible scanners via native scan (usually without installing a driver). This is the default value.

The benefits of using native scan are

1) Usually there is no need to install a TWAIN driver for your scanner on macOS.
2) Generally, native scan - which comes with macOS itself - works better.

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