General Properties

Type Name Description
Property DcsViewEnum currentView Gets or sets the current view type. The default is DVE_IMAGEGALLERYVIEW.
Property (Read-only) DcsUIVideoView * videoView Gets the DcsUIVideoView object of DcsView.
Property (Read-only) DcsUIImageGalleryView * imageGalleryView Gets the DcsImageGalleryView object of DcsView.
Property (Read-only) DcsUIDocumentEditorView * documentEditorView Gets the document edit view object of DcsView.
Property (Read-only) DcsUIImageEditorView * imageEditorView Gets the image edit view object of DcsView.
Property (Read-only) DcsIO * io Gets the data input and output object of DcsView.
Property (Read-only) DcsBuffer * buffer Gets the temporary storage pool for all the image and document objects of DcsView.


Don't create view objects for videoView, imageGalleryView, documentEditorView and imageEditorView. You can use them after creating DcsView object.

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