A protocol that includes the functions of the image/document IO.

Load images or files into DcsBuffer

You can load the memory data into DcsBuffer with the method loadData() or loadDataAsync(). Or load a file in the App sandbox directory into DcsBuffer with the methods loadFile() or loadFileAsync().

Save images to App sandbox directory

You can save the data in DcsBuffer as a file to the App sandbox directory using the methods save() or saveAsync(). You can also reload the saved file into DcsBuffer via the method loadFile.

Upload images/documents to the web server

You can use uploadAsync() to upload the captured image(s) or document(s) to the server asynchronously.

Download images/documents from the web

You can use downloadAsync() to download the image(s) or document(s) asynchronously into DcsBuffer.

Structure of the classes 2

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