A class for Dynamsoft Camera SDK exception, inheriting NSException.

Interface Description
DcsValueOutofRangeException:DcsException The value of the parameter [parameter name] is out of range.
DcsValueNotValidException :DcsException The value of the parameter [parameter name] is invalid.
DcsDocumentNotReadyException:DcsException The document is not ready for editing.
DcsFileNotFoundException:DcsException The file [file name] cannot be found.
DcsDocumentOnlyException:DcsException This operation is only supported under document mode.
DcsImageOnlyException:DcsException This operation is only supported under image mode.
DcsSelectModeNotEnabledException:DcsException Multiple selection can only be enabled in select mode.
DcsDocumentNotDetectedException:DcsException No document is detected.
DcsLicenseException:DcsException Dcs license verification has failed.
DcsLicenseInvalidException: DcsLicenseException The license is invalid.
DcsLicenseExpiredException: DcsLicenseException The license is expired.
DcsLicenseDevicesNumberExceededException: DcsLicenseException The number of the devices has exceeded the limit of the license.
DcsTypeNotValidException:DcsException The type of the parameter [parameter name] is invalid.
DcsFileReadException:DcsException An error occurred while reading a file.
DcsFilePathInvalidException:DcsException The file path does not exist or you do not have permission to access it.
DcsNotEnoughSpaceException:DcsException There is not enough storage space available to complete this operation.
DcsHttpErrorException:DcsException The http server returned the response status code [HTTP_status_codes].
DcsDataFormatInvalidException:DcsException You are trying to load an unsupported data.
DcsOperationCancelledException:DcsException User cancelled the operation.
DcsNetworkUnconnectedException:DcsException The network is disconnected.
DcsCameraNotAuthorizedException You are not authorized to use the mobile cameras.
DcsObjectNotExistException The object [object name] does not exist.

(v6.0) The document you are trying to save might have been removed from the imageGallery viewer.

DcsCameraNotOpenException The camera is not open.
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