Structure of the classes

Structure of the classes

Structure of the classes 2

The classes and protocols in the Dynamsoft Camera SDK iOS edition:

DcsView DcsView is a manager class. This class contains a DcsUIVideoView object, a DcsImageGalleryView object, a DcsUIDocumentEditorView object, and a DcsUIImageEditorView object, etc.
DcsUIVideoView This class displays the video and controls the camera, inheriting UIView. It supports real-time document detection, capturing images and documents.
DcsUIDocumentEditorView A class for the document editor view.
DcsUIImageEditorView A class for the image editor view.
DcsUIImageGalleryView A class for the image gallery view, inheriting UIView.
DcsBuffer A class that deals with data in Dcsbuffer.
DcsDocument A class that includes the information and operations related to document, Inheriting DcsImage.
DcsImage A class that includes all the operations with images.
DcsIO A protocol that includes the functions of the image/document IO.
DcsHttpUploadConfig A class for the HTTP upload configuration.
DcsHttpDownloadConfig A class for the HTTP download configuration.
DcsEncodeParameter A protocol for image encoding and decoding.
DcsPNGEncodeParameter A class for PNG encoding and decoding.
DcsJPEGEncodeParameter A class for JPEG encoding and decoding.
DcsPDFEncodeParameter A class for PDF encoding and decoding.
DcsException A class for Dynamsoft Camera SDK exception, inheriting NSException.
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