Uploads images asynchronously. The selected image data in DcsBuffer will be encoded according to the value of encodeParameter and uploaded to the specified HTTP server.


- (void) uploadAsync: (NSArray *)indices
uploadConfig: (DcsHttpUploadConfig *) config
encodeParameter: (DcsEncodeParameter *) parameter
successCallback: (onUploadSuccess) onSuccess
failureCallback: (onUploadFailure) onFailure
progressUpdateCallback:(onUploadProgress) onProgress


indices:NSArray The indices of images to be uploaded.
config:DcsHttpUploadConfig Configuration for HTTP upload.
parameter:DcsEncodeParameter Its value will be chosen from DcsPNGEncodeParameter, DcsJPEGEncodeParameter or DcsPDFEncodeParameter which represents to save the images as PNG, JPG or PDF files.
onSuccess:onUploadSuccess The callback function when this method performs successfully.
onFailure:onUploadFailure The callback function when this method performs unsuccessfully.
onProgress:onUploadProgress The callback function when this method pushes load progress information.

Return value



encodeParameter Maximum Value Result if the length of indices exceeds the maximum value
DcsPNGEncodeParameter 1 Upload the first image as a PNG file.
DcsJPEGEncodeParameter 1 Upload the first image as a JPG file.
DcsPDFEncodeParameter no limit Upload the images as a multi-page PDF.


Circumstance Exception thrown via onFailure callback
License verification failed. DcsLicenseVerificationFailedException
Upload fails due to the network issue. DcsHttpErrorException
No network connection. DcsNetworkDisconnectedException
Indices/encodeParameter/file is nil. DcsValueNotValidException
Indices include a value not smaller than DcsBuffer.count. DcsValueOutOfRangeException
The file size exceeded the 50MB limit. DcsException
void (^onUploadSuccess) (NSData *data)
Description This event is triggered when uploadAsync function is successfully executed.
Parameter data: The returned data message when uploadAsync function is successfully executed.
void (^onUploadFailure) (id userData, DcsException *exception)
Description This event is triggered when uploadAsync function is not successfully executed.
Parameter exception: The exception uploadAsync throws.
BOOL (^onUploadProgress) (NSInteger progress)
Description This event is triggered when uploadAsync function is executing and showing the progress.
Parameter progress: The progress of uploading.
Return When YES is returned, uploadAsync will keep executing. When NO is returned, uploadAsync will stop.


NSMutableArray *IndexArr = [[NSMutableArray alloc] init];
for(NSInteger i = 0;i < [self.dcsView.buffer count];i++){
    NSNumber *num = [NSNumber numberWithInteger:i];
    [IndexArr addObject:num];
NSArray *UploadIndices = [IndexArr copy];
DcsHttpUploadConfig *uploadConf = [[DcsHttpUploadConfig alloc]init];
uploadConf.url = @"your upload url"; //Sets the url of the action page. Please change it to your own.
uploadConf.name = @"RemoteFile";  //Sets the name/key for the uploaded image data. The default value is 'name'.
uploadConf.uploadMethod = DUME_POST; //Sets the upload method to POST.
uploadConf.dataFormat = DDFE_BINARY; //Sets the data format to binary.
uploadConf.filePrefix = @"Dynamsoft";      //Sets the prefix of the file name. The default value is nil.
DcsPDFEncodeParameter *PdfEncode = [[DcsPDFEncodeParameter alloc]init];
NSData *response = [[NSData alloc]init];
[dcsView.io uploadAsync:UploadIndices uploadConfig:uploadConf encodeParameter:PdfEncode
     successCallback:^(NSData* data){NSString *str = [[NSString alloc]initWithData:data encoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding];NSLog(@"UploadAsync succeeds! data: %@", str);}
                   failureCallback:^(id userData, DcsException *exception){NSLog(@"UploadAsync fails with exception: %@,%@", exception.name, exception.reason);NSLog(@"UploadAsync fail with userdata: %@", userData);}
                   progressUpdateCallback:^BOOL(NSInteger progress){NSLog(@"UploadAsync on going with %ld percent done", progress);return YES;}];

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