A view class that has the video display, image and document capture, display, edit, save, upload and download capabilities. This class contains a DcsUIVideoView object, a DcsImageGalleryView object, a DcsUIDocumentEditorView object, and a DcsUIImageEditorView object.

Inherits UIView.


Type Name Description
Property DcsViewEnum currentView Gets or sets the current view type. The default is DVE_IMAGEGALLERYVIEW.
Property (Read-only) DcsUIVideoView * videoView Gets the DcsUIVideoView object of DcsView.
Property (Read-only) DcsUIImageGalleryView * imageGalleryView Gets the DcsImageGalleryView object of DcsView.
Property (Read-only) DcsUIDocumentEditorView * documentEditorView Gets the document edit view object of DcsView.
Property (Read-only) DcsUIImageEditorView * imageEditorView Gets the image edit view object of DcsView.

Type Name Description
Class Method + (void) setLogLevel: (DcsLogLevelEnum) logLevel Sets the log display level.
Type Name Description
Property (Read-only) DcsIO * io Gets the data input and output object of DcsView.
Property (Read-only) DcsBuffer * buffer Gets the temporary storage pool for all the image and document objects of DcsView.
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