How to change the look of the installation prompt

If Dynamsoft Camera SDK is not installed, you will see this built-in interface that prompts the user to install the SDK

6.0-installation prompt

In most cases, you might want to change the 'Dynamsoft Branding'. The following is how you can achieve this

  • The ‘branding’ is defined in the file \DCSResources\hint.css
        background:url(logo.gif) left top no-repeat; 

    As you can see, the following image (\DCSResources\logo.gif) is the file you need to change. The simplest way is to replace it with your own logo but keep the same name and size.

  • If you’d like to change further the style of this prompt, please feel free to change the css mentioned above or change the function below.
    dynamsoft.dcsEnv.ondcsnotfound = function()
        /// show customized installation dialog
        return true;  // If false is returned, Dynamsoft dialog will be shown.
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