Image editor view

With Dynamsoft Camera SDK iOS Edition, you can easily implement the built-in image editor view in your app. The built-in image edit view has the capabilities of rotating the captured image, adjusting the brightness and contrast of the image, cropping the image, etc.

image editor view

All the editing features are built into the icons. As you can see, there is an icon for rotating a document. You can simply click it to rotate the document by 90 degrees clockwise.

icons in image editor

Likewise, you can click the icons to adjust the brightness and contrast of the document.


Or, click the crop button to start cropping the image. Move the 3 by 3 gird to select the area you want to crop and then click × to cancel the selection or click to crop the image.


If you do not want to use Dynamsoft's UI, there are properties and methods (Swift, Objective-C) available for you to work out your own UI.

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