How to use ADF?

This KB is for Dynamic .NET TWAIN v7.* + only.
You can use Dynamic .NET TWAIN's IfFeederEnabled property to set whether the Source enables automatic document feeding process.

Note: The default maximum number of images can be held in the buffer is 64. If you want to scan more images, you should use the MaxImagesInBuffer property to set the maximum number to a larger number.

C# Code:

private void btnScan_Click(object sender,EventArgs e)
            m_TwainManager.SelectSource(); //Please make sure you open the data source before calling the IfFeederEnabled property
            m_ImageCore.ImageBuffer.MaxImagesInBuffer = 100;//set the maximum number of images can be held in buffer 
            m_TwainManager.IfShowUI = false;
            m_TwainManager.IfFeederEnabled = true;
            m_TwainManager.IfAutoFeed = true;
            m_TwainManager.XferCount = -1;
            m_TwainManager.AcquireImage(this as IAcquireCallback);
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