Dynamic .NET TWAIN: No permissions to run DSSCN.exe in user AppData folder

If you enable the property ScanInNewProcess to invoke an independent 32-bit process to access the scanner. Some users who don't have appropriate permission to access to the C:Users{User Name}AppDataLocalTempDynamsoftDynamicDotNetTwain directory will be unable to use the application to scan.

Before Dynamic .NET TWAIN (v5.3+) launches a new 32-bit scanning process, the SDK will try to create a new folder under C:Users{User Name}AppDataLocalTempDynamsoftDynamicDotNetTwain and place the DSSCN.exe in this folder. When users call the method AcquireImage to scan, the DSSCN.exe will be executed to talk to the scanner driver (32-bit). Users without required permissions to the folder C:Users{User Name}AppDataLocalTempDynamsoftDynamicDotNetTwain will be unable to scan under a 32-bit scanning process.

Set the property ScanInNewProcess to false to disable the mechanism.

dynamicDotNetTwain.ScanInNewProcess = false;
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