Why am I getting a watermark saying “Unlicensed Demo Version” on the image?

This KB is for Dynamic .NET TWAIN v7.* + only.

You are trying to use Dynamic .NET TWAIN and are seeing a watermark on the image.



The license you are using for this module has expired or is invalid/empty.


Please contact us for an extension to the trial license or the purchase of a permanent license. After that, please replace the old license with the following line:

TwainManager m_TwainManager = new TwainManager("<The license for TWAINScan Module>");
PDFRasterizer m_Rasterizer = new PDFRasterizer("<The license for PDF Module>");
PDFCreator m_Creator = new PDFCreator("<The license for PDF Module>");
BarcodeGenerator m_Generator = new BarcodeGenerator("<The license for Barcode Generator>");
Tesseract m_OCR = new Tesseract("<The license for OCR Module>");
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