Delete multiple files




Request Parameters

Parameters Type If Mandatory Description
method string Yes Fixed value: delete
x-api-key string Yes DDC API Key. When making any API request, pass your key as the value of an x-api-key parameter in the Header.
param string Yes The list of files to be deleted, e.g., {"list":[{"file_name":"1.jpg"},{"file_name ":"2.jpg"}]}
scope string No Supported values include “source”, “result” (default value) and “both”.

note: Param is sent in the POST form data.

Response Parameters

Parameters Type UrlEncode Description
file_name string No The result file to be deleted
error_code int32 No Error code
error_msg string No Error message

Sample Code
Request Body:

x-api-key: z81QwIA3kg0tUXkueP+QN4qXFCP0MIQIqDn94uxoVPdcnnGArr366w==


    'files': [
            'error_code': 0,
            'error_msg': 'Success.',
            'file_name': '1.docx'
            'error_code': 35006,
            'error_msg': 'File does not exist.',
            'file_name': '1(0).docx'
    'error_code': 30000,
    'error_msg': 'Partial success.',
    'request_id': 'c1b8d21befc64d9598a3ca32d3f044c2'
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